Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Calendar of Festivals and Events 2009

Mexican Independence Day Celebration at the Jardin Sept 15

Summer is a great time to come and spend some time with us at Antigua Capilla Bed and Breakfast. There are tons of things to do to keep you entertained. Here’s a calendar of events to help you plan your visit to San Miguel de Allende. The feasts mentioned are all about religious celebration, music and dance, and some last for days.

  • June 26 - Anniversary of the death of General Ignacio Allende
  • June 28 - Global Extreme Car Show - Car competition and exhibition at El Alamo.
  • June 30 to July 4– Festival International de Coro de Niños. After a successful 12-year run in Florence Italy, Children Choirs from the US and Canada will be performing for the first time in Mexico. For more information email
  • July 11 - Feast of Atotonilco
  • July 16 - Feast of the Virgin del Carmen
  • July 24 to August 2 – Expresion en Corto - Short Film Festival. The largest of its kind in Mexico. Films will be shown throughout San Miguel de Allende.
  • July 30 - Anniversary of the death of Father Hidalgo
  • August 8 - Feast of Santo Domingo
  • Sept 13 - Commemoration of the death of Child Heroes
  • September 15 – Mexican Independence Day. Celebrate Mexican Independence at the Jardin and see the reenactment of the “Cry for Independence” followed by a fireworks display.
  • September 16 – Independence Day Parade and National Holiday
Consider staying with us this summer at our San Miguel de Allende Bed and Brekfast.

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