Friday, September 25, 2009

Sabino de la Huerta - The Really Big Tree Near San Miguel de Allende

Recently, our friends told us about a huge tree located near the Allende reservoir and asked if we wanted to go check it out. We happily agreed and hopped into their 7-seater along with their two girls and their friend and headed out of town.

Just past the dam on the road to Guanajuato, we took the small road on the left and continued through an old abandoned train tunnel until we reached the little town of la Huerta, located just 12 miles from San Miguel de Allende. We parked the car and headed up a very nicely maintained cobblestone path where we saw a variety of farm animals. The cobblestones gave way to a massive system of knotty roots that seemed to weave in and out of solid rock!

We found ourselves in the shadow of one of the largest trees we had ever seen. We're talking serious girth!

The trunk was huge! It’s so big, in fact, that some say it takes 17 people to form a ring around its base. We tried it with four and didn't get very far.

We can't offer much information about the tree other than it is known as Sabino de la Huerta (the blue sign at the end of the path says so), and it is very big and beautiful. Also, according to the "interwebs," it is a bald cypress.

Continuing on past ol’ Sabino, we trekked up a hill spotting some pretty interesting flora and fauna.

We saw a variety of flowering cacti, the quintessential mother and baby burros and a few dung beetles, among other things.

Check out the following video clip of a dung beetle hard at work!

We continued up the hill until we reached the top of the ridge.

The view from this vantage point was absolutely fantastic!

The tree and the surrounding area was a very nice discovery for us, and the day turned out to be another perfect day in San Miguel de Allende!

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