Saturday, August 15, 2009

“Official” San Miguel de Allende Taxi Rates

The husband of one of our staff members is a taxi driver, and he recently enlightened us with some very useful taxi fare information. We realize that fares in San Miguel are negotiable, but we were surprised with some of what he told us. Prior to our conversation, we routinely were agreeing to pay higher fares in some cases. Perhaps some of our local readers will be surprised as well.

The daytime trips around town are pretty standard, but once the sun goes down or for trips to the outskirts of town, the fares become highly negotiable. The drivers will always try to get what they can, and the less knowledgeable you are, the more you’ll pay. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Around town: 25 Pesos all day, 30 Pesos after 10PM (Many drivers will attempt to collect 30 Pesos all day long.)
  • Bus Terminal to Centro: 30 to 35 Pesos if you walk to the sidewalk and hail a taxi (the taxi drivers parked at the terminal pay to park there and will typically ask for 40 Pesos but have been known to charge 100 Pesos or more.)
  • Calls for Pickup: 25 Pesos for the call plus the cost of your ride, 30 Pesos for the call after 10PM plus the cost of your ride.
  • Multiple stops: 25 Pesos per stop in the day, 30 Pesos per stop after 10PM.
  • Wait time: 150 Pesos per hour (or a fraction thereof. This is where your negotiating skills need to kick in.)



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