Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shopping Local in San Miguel de Allende

Images of the "Tianguis," San Miguel de Allende's Tuesday Market

San Miguel de Allende has a great outdoor market every Tuesday known locally as “el Tianguis.” Like so many markets throughout the world, this is where you experience the true essence of the local culture.

You’ll find everything at the Tianguis from fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables to all of the staples of Mexican cuisine to appliances, house wares, clothes, etc. Come explore this place and take it all in. If you’re hungry, stop by one of the many food vendors and try something local, like a huarache, a sandal shaped flat bread made from corn dough and topped with your choice of Mexican goodness. Think "Mexican pizza".

The “Tuesday Market”, as local expats call it, is less than a mile away from our bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende. Walk or take a taxi...or come with us! We're there every week.

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