Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walking Route to the Jardín

If you're wondering just how far we are to the town square and the main church, the "Jardín" and "Parroquia", as they are locally called, here's a map with walking directions from Antigua Capilla B&B to the corner of the Jardín.

This route can take under 10 minutes if you're from New York City or our home town of San Francisco, but beware of a phenomenon known as "Mexican time".  You will slow down to absorb the surroundings, chat with complete strangers, people watch, eat something from a food stand, walk through an open gate just to see what's on the other side, step into a church or 10 to marvel at the baroque architecture, and on and on.  If you are afflicted, you might not make it to the Jardín until...mañana!   

A great alternative to walking are the very inexpensive, safe and plentiful taxis.  Flag one down anywhere in San Miguel or call them to pick you up at the B&B, and you’ll be taken to your destination in no time.  Click here for "official" taxi rates.

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