Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting From MEX Customs to the Airport Bus Terminal

About a 5 minute walk -

It is very easy to get to the Mexico City International Airport Bus Terminal from the Customs area. We’ll get to that in a second, but first you should know the following two important things:

1. You are not permitted to take your luggage cart beyond the Customs area. If you have lots of luggage, once you clear Customs you'll need to hire an official airport luggage valet (you decide on the fee/tip, but $20 to $40 Pesos depending on the load should do it.) See our “Getting around Mexico City Airport with lots of Luggage” blog for more information.

2. If you need to withdraw Pesos from the ATM, do it inside the Customs area. The area is secure and relatively calm compared to the rest of the airport. You'll find a couple of ATM's near the luggage carousels.

Upon exiting Customs, head to the left and walk about thirty meters or so (look up and you will see ground transportation signs.) Turn left and head towards the ramp. Go up the ramp to the upper level.

At the top of the ramp walk straight ahead (check the overhead signs) to the very end of the hall.

You’ve made it to the Primera Plus ticket counter. If you're headed to Antigua Capilla Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende, purchase your ticket to Queretaro. Read our “Mexico City International (MEX) to San Miguel by Bus” blog to learn what to do once you get to Queretaro. With ticket in hand, head right and down the stairs.

Once downstairs, make a U-turn. The Primera Plus busses are parked at the very end of the terminal (below the ticket counter). Now, wasn’t that easy!

For the rest of your journey read our “Mexico City International (MEX) to San Miguel by Bus” blog.



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