Sunday, April 4, 2010

When in Mexico…Eat Mexican

Yes, there are great restaurants in San Miguel de Allende offering everything from filet mignon to Spanish tapas to Sardinian pasta to Texas BBQ and even Vietnamese Pho. Visitors should try some of these places, and indeed, we recommend many of these restaurants to our guests. But there’s more to the San Miguel food scene.
A grill-full of gorditas

Mexican Fast Food across from the Sanctuary of Atotonilco

Here’s an interesting article about eating like a Mexican.

From the Boston Globe: SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico — Located in the rugged sierra four hours north of Mexico City, this prosperous colonial city is awash with boutique shops, restaurants, and enough arts and crafts emporiums to keep its many American and Canadian expats and tourists busy.

In a town geared toward playing it safe, I wasn’t surprised when well-intentioned people began offering advice on what not to eat.

“Only eat ice cream in the main square. The rest is made with bad water.’’ “Never eat any street food.’’ “Only eat salads from a ‘good’ restaurant.’’ “Only eat corn if it’s grilled, not boiled.’’ “Don’t go to that bakery; they use lard.’’

It made me wonder: If the food is so dangerous, why aren’t the Mexicans getting sick? (“Their stomachs are used to the germs,’’ was one response.)

I didn’t take the advice, though I do admit to some initial caution on what could be called my “Rebellious Eating Tour.’’ I wasn’t eating lizards or gizzards — not my style — but I was breaking those eating-in-Mexico rules. It felt bold.

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