Monday, March 29, 2010

Travel Magazine helps to Demystify Mexico City

Those of you that will be coming to San Miguel de Allende via "el D.F." will be interested in this article that was recently published in Budget Travel, one of our favorite travel magazines.

The view of Centro's Palacio de Bellas Artes from Torre Latinoamericana

Here are a couple of other reason why you might want to go to Mexico City on your way to San Miguel de Allende:

1. More airlines fly to MEX offering less expensive flights from places like the San Francisco Bay Area and New York than the closer Leon Airport.

2. If you're considering a flight with a connection in Houston or Dallas, consider a direct flight to MEX with a bus ride to San Miguel de Allende instead. Getting to San Miguel de Allende from Mexico City is cheap and much more comfortable on the ETN and Primera Plus bus lines than the express flights out of Houston and Dallas to Leon on the tiny ERJ-145 aircrafts.



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