Friday, February 5, 2010

Freak Winter Storm Hits San Miguel de Allende - 6 inches of Rainfall in Dry Season

After five days of heavy rain, it looks like we’re back to normal, folks! The sun is out, and the umbrellas have been put away. Our Davis weather station, which is mounted on our roof at Antigua Capilla B&B, is forecasting mostly clear days. Finally, and not a moment too soon! The dams are filled to capacity, and flooding had been reported around town.

Winter it supposed to be our cool DRY season, but San Miguel de Allende just had a freak storm that produced 5.98 inches of rain over a 5 days period, as recorded by our weather station.

Here’s the breakdown:

Jan 31, 2010 0.65 inches
Feb 1, 2010 0.86 inches
Feb 2, 2010 0.53 inches
Feb 3, 2010 2.63 inches!!
Feb 4, 2010 1.31 inches

Storm Total 5.98 inches



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